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Hydration Technologies | Expedition

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PRODUCTS • Expedition


Bladder | Filter | Bite tube | Slider | Ten 4 oz. syrup pouches | Cleaning kit (bulb pump, 2 bottles preservative solution, 2 cleaning tablets. fold-a-cup), instructions.

CALL (480)284-1304 FOR PRICING

Expedition Bladder

Bladder / Slider / Bite Tube / Instructions. Filter Not Included.

CALL (480)284-1304 FOR PRICING

Expedition Filter Kit

Filter | Cleaning kit (bulb pump, 2 bottles preservative solution, 2 cleaning tables, fold-a-cup) | ten 4 oz. syrup pouches | instructions

CALL (480)284-1304 FOR PRICING

Expedition Resupply Kit

Ten 4 oz. syrup pouches / 2 bottles preservative solution / 2 cleaning tablets

CALL (480)284-1304 FOR PRICING

HTI Expedition Hydration Backpack

Expedition Bladder and Filter Sold Separately | Large main compartment holds a 2-liter water reservoir | Hands-free water reservoir pressure valve | Hinged front pocket holds a helmet | Insulated water tube cover | Vapel(R) mesh Airflow(R) adjustable shoulder straps | Waist and sternum straps secure pack while active.

CALL (480)284-1304 FOR PRICING

Tactical Tailor Backpack

One Backpack from Tactical Tailor. Large pocket.

CALL (480)284-1304 FOR PRICING

Expedition Replacement Slide Closure

Replacement Expedition slide closure and strap/buckle.

CALL (480)284-1304 FOR PRICING

Bite Tube

Replacement Bite Tube

CALL (480)284-1304 FOR PRICING

Bulb Pump

Replacement Bulb Pump

CALL (480)284-1304 FOR PRICING






HTI Expedition, click to view products


100 fl.oz. (3L) clean water reservoir

84 fl.oz. (2.5 L) dirty
water reservoir


Filter life: 90 days


Filter output:
27 fl.oz. (0.8 L) / hour at

  User effort: seconds to fill, no work required for
Expedition Product Brochure
Expedition Instructions, including Nutrition Facts